Negotiation Cover

Numbered Days - A 4HU short story

This will appear in the 4HU Depik anthology "Negotiation."

It's a tale of the unlikely friendship between an aging Besquith and an elder Depik determined to live out their final days on their own terms.

An Axe To Grind - A Four Horsemen novel

Bjorn's Berserkers survived a revenge plot amidst the carnage of the Omega War. Now the dust has settled and the Berserkers learn who has fallen in Peepo's invasion of Earth - including Bjorn's father.

As forces within the Galactic Union seek to capitalize on the chaos created by the Mercenary Guild's invasion and internal strife, Bjorn has choices to make regarding the Berserkers path forward. An enticing contract for the Information Guild could not only give Bjorn the funds to grow the Berserkers, it could give him the key to avenging his father.

Before, an old enemy had it out for Bjorn. Now Commander Tovesson has an axe to grind.

Progress - <10%

The House Between Worlds - A Eureka Accords novel

The challenge to the Milesian Accords was won, and now magic is trickling back into the world. Liam Knox, First Druid, finds that the end of the challenge was just the beginning of his new life.

As the intermediary between the magical world and the mundane one, Liam is caught in a balancing act between helping the magical folk seeking to return to the Dunwold and those planning on exploiting their power over the non-magical.

A knock on the door could mean wayward fae, fallen angels, an ogre, or federal agents, because Liam's family home now extends into the mundane world, the magical otherworld known as the Glaswold, and beyond.

Progress - outlining