Surf and Turf (A Fistful Of Credits)

This short story is my first published work. It's military science fiction, a genre I had never dabbled in, and my lack of military experience meant lots of Googling and some terminology corrections that had to be made.

This story follows Bjorn Tovessen III, commander of Bjorn's Berserkers. He never wanted the merc life, but fate had other plans. Now rebuilding his mercenary company after a costly victory, he has to weigh the prospect of ordering his men back into harm's way. And now time has run out.

The third anthology in the 4 Horsemen Universe.

Angels and Aliens (The Good, The Bad, And The Merc)

Another Bjorn's Berserkers story, this one follows a chaplain in search of answers regarding the implications of aliens and his beliefs, and Sergeant Charlotte Wicza (who appeared in Surf and Turf), who is not a fan of religion or aliens.


Hunting Trip (Luck Is Not A Factor)

The last time Bjorn's father took him hunting, a kodiak bear maul off his arm. What can go wrong this time? What happens when the hunters become the hunted?


Cover for A Reluctant Druid, Book 1 of the Milesian Accords

A Reluctant Druid - Book 1 (of 3) of the Milesian Accords

This is the urban fantasy novel I had been working a couple of years to complete, and it turned from a single book into a trilogy.

It is often said legends have a kernel of truth. There used to be magic in the world, until the people of the Old Gods lost a challenge against the minions of the One God. With the Old Gods and their supernatural followers exiled from the World of Man, magic dwindled and faded, until it was just myth and legend.

But the treaty had a provision to eventually allow a new challenge. Liam Knox finds himself swept up in this new challenge as a descendant of the druid Cathbad. As his past catches up to him, he has to wrestle with this fate before the powers that want to prevent this challenge find a way to end it, and possibly him.

This book is published by Chris Kennedy Publishing under their New Mythology imprint.


A Tempered Warrior - Book 2 (of 3) of the Milesian Accords

Finalist for Best Fantasy Novel - 2018 Dragon Awards.

Book 2 of the Milesian Accords, this picks up after the shocking conclusion of Book 1, A Reluctant Druid. Erin finds new challenges, new friends, and possibly more in the otherworldy Glaswold, while those left in Illinois deal with the fallout from their last battle.

This book is published by Chris Kennedy Publishing under their New Mythology imprint.

When The Axe Falls - A Four Horseman Omega War novel

Bjorn's Berserkers are back - this time in their own book. Someone has decided Earth - especially its human mercenaries - must be brought to heel. The alien mercenary races find humans frustratingly unpredictable, so they fight fire with fire. A human mercenary company hunts down fellow human merc units, but when they set their sights on Bjorn's Berserkers it's not just business - it's personal.

Submitted and in editing. Tentative release sometime in December.

A Tangled Fate - Book 3 of The Milesian Accords

Destiny has placed Erin Donnelly on a collision course with a legendary warrior. Liam Knox has to master the magic of his birthright. Supernatural forces aid and oppose them. If Erin and Liam fail in their challenge, they won't be the only ones to pay the price.

Progress - 25%