The House Between Worlds – A Eureka Accords novel

The challenge to the Milesian Accords was won, and now magic is trickling back into the world. Liam Knox, First Druid, finds that the end of the challenge was just the beginning of his new life.

As the intermediary between the magical world and the mundane one, Liam is caught in a balancing act between helping the magical folk seeking to return to the Dunwold and those planning on exploiting their power over the non-magical.

A knock on the door could mean wayward fae, fallen angels, an ogre, or federal agents, because Liam’s family home now extends from the mundane world into the magical otherworld known as the Glaswold and beyond.

Progress – 25%

Rules of Engagement

This is the RPG for the Four Horseman Universe, using the Savage Worlds game system. This book will be chock full of information useful not only to gamers but also fans of the 4HU.

This will be funded via Kickstarter.

Progress – 25%