A Reluctant Druid

My first novel, A Reluctant Druid is Book 1 of the Milesian Accords. The Exiled Gods want to come back to the world of man while the Powers That Be want to maintain the status quo. Liam Knox is caught in the middle between an ancient destiny and his tangled past.

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A Tempered Warrior

Dragon Award 2018 Finalist - Best Fantasy Novel

The second book of The Milesian Accords urban fantasy trilogy, A Tempered Warrior picks up right after the shocking conclusion of A Reluctant Druid. Time marches forward toward the challenge. Erin, in the otherworldly Glaswold, finds new friends, new foes, and stunning surprises. Meanwhile, those left behind in rural Illinois have to pick up the pieces and move forward.

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A Fistful Of Credits

A collection of 14 short stories set in the best selling Four Horsemen Universe. With plenty of the military sci fi action the 4HU is known for, readers get to see new sides of life in a galaxy where Earth's number one export is violence for hire.

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The Good, The Bad, And The Merc

Bjorn's Berserkers are back!

The Good, The Bad And The Merc is the third anthology set in the best-selling Four Horseman Universe. Featuring a foreword by David Drake, this book contains 16 stories to take you deeper into the 4HU, including "Angels and Aliens" by Jon R. Osborne. Return to the galaxy where mankind's number one export is violence for hire.

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